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Laser Tattoo Removal with Advanced PicoSure Technology

NEW Breakthrough Laser | FDA Cleared

ERderm utilizes the latest in laser tattoo removal technology by using the PicoSure laser. It is the world’s first safe and effective picosecond laser developed for tattoo removal and treating pigmented lesions. This breakthrough in laser tattoo removal delivers short pulse bursts of energy 100 times faster than older nanosecond technology. The pulses produce the best laser tattoo removal results, quicker treatment sessions, and little to no effect on surrounding skin. This allows PicoSure tattoo removal treatments to achieve amazing results in tattoo lightening as well.

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ERderm Tattoo Removal and Lightening Dermatology Clinic

ERderm Tattoo Removal, located in the heart of Newport Beach, California, specializes in cost-effective laser tattoo removal. Our advanced procedures are customized for each individual and our expert team uses the latest laser tattoo removal and tattoo lightening technology.


The core staff of our dermatology clinic has been performing laser tattoo removal for over 16 years, and champions the industry's most efficient dermatological treatments that lower overall tattoo removal costs. We design custom laser tattoo removal plans for patients, offering exceptional service and excellent results with each treatment. Read inquiries from others to find out more.


ERderm Tattoo Removal has flourished through personal referrals and word-of-mouth. We encourage you to see for yourself what others have to say.

What Patients Are Saying

"This process has been a great experience. The procedure, the staff and Lynne's expertise have made it as comfortable as possible! I've only had two sessions and the tattoo has lightened at least 50%. It's amazing!  And painless! It can be a bit sore at first... But heals quickly and the results have been better than expected! Thank you for all your care! "

Lina G. | Huntington Beach, CA

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